Overview : CtFlowers

CtFlowers adds only one block and one item to

CT Flowers 1.1

the game, it uses metadata to allow for the various colors of flowers and flowerseeds.

Flowers are able to be placed anywhere as an intentional function. This feature allows for flower placement indoors on any surface, so that "potted plants" can be used for interior decoration. Each color flower can drop flower seeds along with the flower itself. The black cala lily is a rarer flower than the others and has a chance of dropping various flower seeds, not just it's own color. If spawning is enabled, the flowers are set up to spawn in various biomes and have varying rarities.



Update involves changes to package contents:

  • makes spawn enabling/disabling simplified
  • adds a readme file.

CTFlowers Version 1.1


  • adds block ID 210 : "flowerplant" - uses metadata for 16 different varieties of flower
  • adds item ID 2100 : "flowerseeds" - uses metadata for 16 different varieties of seed

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